Finland – Microbiological defect in oatmeal – Bacillus cereus


Oatly Oatmeal 1 liter pack.

The Swedish Oatly AB has announced the withdrawal of its oat drink. The company is withdrawing from Oatly Oatmeal 1 liter lot with a best before date of 12/01/2022 and a batch code of 1335T4 . Growth of Bacillus Cereus has been observed in this lot. The product may cause abdominal pain.

Oatly’s oat drink has been on sale since the end of January in the K- and S-Group and Halpahalli stores. There has also been distribution through Wihuri Oy, of which at least Oda Finland Oy has delivered the product for distribution to e-commerce customers.

Oatly AB advises consumers not to use the product in this batch and to contact the company by email at

Mika Varjonen, Senior Inspector at the Finnish Food Administration, tel. +358 50 38 68 416, firstname.lastname@r .

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