Denmark – Mold on layer cake bases – Update


Coronet Cake Company ApS is recalling layer cake bases from Salling and Gestus due to the discovery of mold in the products. Updated 31.01.2022 with new products and points of sale. Updated on 01.02.2022 with new point of sale. Updated on 04.02.2022 with new best before dates.

Recalled Foods , Published: January 28, 2022

Modified February 4, 2022

Which foods:
Salling Lagkagebunde Cocoa 
Net weight: 340g
Best before dates: 07.02.2022, 21.02.2022, 22.02.2022, 07.03.2022 and 21.04.2022
EAN code: 571872607540

Salling Lagkagebunde, light
Net weight: 340g
Best before-dates: 07.02.2022, 22.02.2022, 08.03.2022 and 26.04.2022

Gestus Kakao Layer cake bases
Net weight: 340g
Best before date: 07.02.2022, 21.02.2022 and 07.03.2022
EAN code: 5701410381752

Gestus Layer cake bases, light
Net weight: 330g
Best before date: 07.02.2022, 08.03.2022
EAN code: 5701410375416

Sold in:
Salling layer cake bases are sold in: Føtex, Bilka andSalling department stores  across the country.
Gestus layer cake bases are sold in: MENU, SPAR, Letkøb, Min Købmand and Løvbjerg throughout the country as well as in Liva Stormarked in Kolding, Superland in Sindal and Tårs and in Christiansø Købmandshandel on Christiansø.

Company recalling:
Coronet Cake Company ApS, Valorevej 16, 4130 Viby Sjælland

The company has established that there is a risk of mold in the products.

Mold formation makes the products unsuitable as food.

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