Lithuania – Investigation into Gastroenteritis Outbreak in a Kindergarten


The State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) informs that it is conducting an investigation into the increased incidence of children in the Kelmė pre-school education institution. It is suspected that it may have been caused by poorly organized feeding of children or non-compliance with hygiene requirements.

The SFVS inspectors received the initial information about the suspicions of children attending the Ąžuoliukas kindergarten from the Šiauliai Department of the National Center for Public Health on 2 April. about 1 p.m. The primary diagnosis was made in children with gastroenteritis of unknown origin, colitis.

On the same day, the SFVS inspectors inspected the food handling premises of this nursery, assessed the safety, quality, shelf life, storage conditions and traceability of food for children. Checked the implementation of the self-monitoring system, the hygiene of the premises and staff, and the proper use of biocidal products.

Although preliminary inspection data did not reveal any significant discrepancies in food quality, product labeling, shelf life, storage conditions, traceability, self-monitoring or staff hygiene, discrepancies were found in the layout of cooking flows, incomplete hand hygiene measures, etc. A protracted problem was also identified – repairs to the cooking premises were required immediately. During the inspection, the windows were found to be in a particularly bad condition, they were covered with mold, the floor had to be repaired, and the production inventory had to be updated.

In the food preparation premises, the inspectors took samples of the surface of the detergents from the production inventory and selected samples of frozen poultry.

In order to carefully examine and evaluate the work of the power supply of this educational institution, during the outbreak investigation it was additionally decided to investigate more and larger spectrum of safety-sensitive foods and their raw materials in the laboratory, suppliers and raw materials will be evaluated. The control also assesses the technological descriptions of the institution’s menu for the preparation of dishes, for which certain corrective actions have been proposed.

At present, the Ąžuoliukas kindergarten does not carry out educational activities and, to the knowledge of the SFVS, will not accept children until 12 April. The premises of the nursery power supply unit are cleaned and disinfected, and the results of sample tests are expected this week to evaluate the effectiveness of the performed disinfection.

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