Denmark -Catfish eggs are probably the cause of outbreaks of botulism



Studies of a number of foods have led to toxins from the botulism bacterium being found in catfish eggs. That batch of roe has been recalled.

In the past week, the Statens Serum Institut (SSI) has described an outbreak of botulism. It occurred after six people had eaten together at a private party in early March. SSI has now examined a number of leftovers from the food that the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration had collected in the home where the company was held. In an almost emptied glass with rockfish roe, SSI’s laboratory tests were able to detect toxin (toxin). However, did not find toxin in any of the other foods. Nor in two other glasses with catfish roe.

At the same time, studies show that three out of the five people who developed symptoms after joining the company had botulism. The two patients for whom it could not be confirmed simply had quite mild symptoms of botulism.

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