Iceland – Salmonella in chicken pieces


Matvælastofnun warns against consuming SFC Boneless Bucket chicken bites due to salmonella contamination. Inputs that import the chicken pieces have recalled the product in consultation with the Reykjavík Health Inspectorate.

The FDA received information from the UK through the Infosan International Food Safety Authority and the Health Inspectorate had also received information from Resources.

The recall only applies to the following best for dates:

  • Product Name: SFC Boneless Bucket, Crunchy golden pieces of tasty, succulent Chicken Crispy Strips, Dippers and Poppets coated in a Southern Fried Style coating
  • Net amount: 650g
  • Barcode: 5031532020629
  • Storage conditions: Freezer, -18 ° C
  • Lot number: L19720
  • Best before date: 28-11-2021
  • Country of origin: Poland
  • Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Importer: Aðföng, Skútuvogur 7-9, 104 Reykjavík
  • Distribution: Bargain shops all over the country

SFC chicken

Customers who have purchased the above product are asked not to consume it and discard it, but it can also be returned to the store where it was purchased for a refund. Further information can be obtained from Aðfang’s Quality Manager at tel. 530 5600 or via the email address gaedastjori at

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