Finland – Salmonella sickens 30 in Finland

Food Safety News

kswfoodworld Salmonella

At least 30 people have fallen ill after eating at a restaurant in Finland during the end of January.

An investigation by public health officials in the town of Kokkola, also known as Karleby, found Salmonella was behind the illnesses.

The first infection was recorded on Jan. 27 and no patients have been reported since Jan. 29. The most common symptoms include diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain.

Sigrid’s restaurant carried out cleaning and extensive disinfection after the suspicion of an outbreak was raised. Operations at the eatery are continuing as normal.

Frozen product suspected
Initially, no Salmonella was found in food and surface samples. Additional samples were taken in the restaurant, from staff and of the food.

Preliminary results show the suspected source of infection is a frozen product for use in commercial kitchens. Findings will be confirmed later in February after further investigations are completed. Sales of the implicated product have been suspended in the country, according to officials.

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