Denmark – Layer cake bases with risk of mold – Dagrofa


CDC Mould

Dagrofa ApS is recalling layer cake bases, as there is a risk of mold formation. Updated 15.01.21 with correct expiration date, 22.02.2021.

Recalled Foods , Published: January 15, 2021

Modified January 15, 2021

Which food:
Gestus Lyse Lagkagebunde
Best before dates: 22.02.2021
EAN barcode no .: 5701410375416

Sold in: The
store chains MENU, SPAR, Letkøb, Min Købmand, Løvbjerg and a few shops outside the chain.

Company recalling:
Dagrofa ApS

There is a risk of mold formation on the layer cake bases.

Risk: The
formation of mold means that the layer cake bases are considered unsuitable as food.

Advice for consumers: The Danish
Veterinary and Food Administration advises consumers to deliver the product back to the store where it was purchased or to discard it.

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