Canada – 100 more Canadians have become sick from eating US onions

Daily Hive

The Public Health Agency of Canada is reporting 100 new illnesses across the country related to salmonella contaminated onions grown in California.

There have been no deaths related to the products, but the new cases bring the total to 339  illnesses linked to the onions in Canada, as of Friday. Currently, 48 individuals have been hospitalized.

Those who became sick are between the age of three and 100, with the majority of cases (54%) being found in females.

According to the agency, the confirmed cases of Salmonella Newport illness have been linked to this outbreak in the following provinces: British Columbia (78), Alberta (208), Saskatchewan (19), Manitoba (19), Ontario (8), Quebec (6), and Prince Edward Island (1).

“Do not eat, use, sell or serve any red, white, yellow, and sweet yellow onions from Thomson International Inc. of Bakersfield, California, USA, or any products made with these onions,” the health agency wrote in an update. “This advice applies to all individuals across Canada, as well as retailers, distributors, manufacturers and food service establishments such as hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, and nursing homes.”

Individuals who became ill reported eating red onions at home, items ordered at restaurants, and in residential care settings between mid-June and late July 2020.

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