Information – 107 countries received frozen vegetables recalled for Listeria

Food Safety News

The U.S. and Canada are among more than 100 countries potentially affected by a recall of frozen vegetables due to Listeria monocytogenes. An outbreak traced to the vegetables from Greenyard Frozen has sickened 47 people in five European countries. Nine people have died.

Greenyard, a producer of fresh, frozen and prepared fruits and vegetables linked to the outbreak, has estimated the cost of the recall at $35 million (€30 million). Company officials said that includes costs for the product, transportation, handling, storage, destruction, subcontracting, lower cost absorption of the factory, and loss of margin. The company is insured for recall costs and possible product liability damages.

Due to the scale of the situation, the European Commission and the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN), which is managed by the Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization, are involved.

A spokesman for INFOSAN said 107 countries and territories received implicated products.

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