USA – Shigella outbreak climbs to 32 cases linked to Seattle restaurant

Outbreak News Today

Shigella - kswfoodworld

Image CDC

In a follow-up on the outbreak of Shigellosis associated with Tamarind Tree Restaurant in Seattle, Public Health – Seattle & King County now reports 32 people reported becoming ill after eating food at the restaurant in mid-January.

Ten of the 32 people who became ill tested positive for Shigella. Six cases have confirmatory testing indicating Shigella sonnei, a species of Shigella. Symptoms among those who did not get tested are suggestive of a Shigella infection.

At this time, no employees have tested positive for Shigella.

Investigators closed the restaurant during their visit on January 24, 2023. The restaurant was required to complete a thorough cleaning and disinfection. On February 7, Environmental Health investigators revisited the restaurant to confirm proper cleaning and disinfection, and the restaurant reopened that day.

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