Austria – TANN Bacon 250g – Bacterial Contamination


AGES informs about a recall of the company SPAR. On January 20th, 2023, the company recalled the product TANN Jausenspeck 250g:
recall reason
Possible bacterial contamination
Marketed by
Expiry Date
Batch number
6125040509, 6125110509, 6130121732, 6130141732, 6130342298

As a precaution, SPAR is recalling “TANN Jausenspeck 250g” in Vienna, Lower Austria and northern Burgenland

A possible bacterial contamination was found in the product “TANN Jausenspeck 250g” during a routine quality control.
The batches affected are:

  • 6125040509 – MHD: 01/19/2023
  • 6125110509 – MHD: 01/23/2023
  • 6130121732 – MHD: 07.02.2023
  • 6130141732 – MHD: 09.02.2023
  • 6130342298 – MHD: 02/23/2023

For this reason, SPAR is recalling the product with the stated best before dates. The bacon was only delivered in Lower Austria, Vienna and northern Burgenland. Other regions and batches are not affected.

SPAR asks customers not to consume the “TANN Jausenspeck 250g” with the batch numbers mentioned. All other TANN products are not affected by this recall.

All customers who have bought one of the products that may be affected can of course return it to the nearest SPAR, EUROSPAR or INTERSPAR store or Maximarkt. Customers are reimbursed the purchase price even without proof of purchase.

Customers who have questions about this are welcome to contact customer service at  or call the free phone number 0800 / 22 11 20 .

original recall

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