USA – Investigated Illnesses and Outbreaks Table Update for Seafood Related Natural Toxin and Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning


January 12, 2023

Table 1: Closed Illness and Outbreak Incidents is a list of investigations that were managed by FDA’s Seafood-Related Natural Toxin and Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning Team for Fish Other Than Molluscan Shellfish. The listed incidents have been completed at this time.

The table is managed and updated when a significant number of illnesses have been investigated in a specific period of time or at least quarterly.

The table has been updated to illustrate additional information such as

  • Pending analytical results;
  • Confirmed fish/fishery product species identifications; and
  • Completed analytical results are listed in their own column.

The following FDA tracking numbers, and illness type have been added to the table:

  • 20-09-08: CFP;
  • 22-08-15: SFP;
  • 22-08-17: SFP;
  • 22-09-18: SFP;
  • 22-09-20: CFP/SFP;
  • 22-10-21: Unknown;
  • 22-11-22: SFP; and
  • 22-12-23: SFP.

The table may be found at: How to Report Seafood-Related Toxin and Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning Illnesses | FDA

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