Research – Bacterial Infections and Ice Cream – a Risky Mix

Food Poison Journal

Great article to read at the above link, the table below is edited there is more information in the article.

Year State Agent Brand
2014 Washington Listeria Snoqualmie Ice Cream
2010-2015 Multistate Listeria Blue Bell
2008 Vermont E. coli O157 Homemade ice cream, unpasteurized milk
2008 Minnesota Salmonella  Homemade ice cream
2008 California E. coli O157 Consumed at a restaurant; brand or pasteurization unknown
2007 California Norovirus Ice cream with berries; berries were likely the contaminated ingredient
2007 Pennsylvania Campylobacter Homemade ice cream
2007 Minnesota Hepatitis A Ice cream or yogurt at a restaurant
2007 West Virginia Salmonella Homemade ice cream
2006 Belgium E. coli O145 Ice cream at a farm
2006 California Salmonella Homemade ice cream
2005 Multistate Salmonella  Cold Stone Creamery (cake batter was the contaminated ingredient)
1994 Multistate Salmonella Schwan’s Ice Cream – the estimated # of ill cases is 224,000!
1993 Florida Salmonella  Homemade ice cream

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