USA – 60 Potential Illnesses Linked to a Salmonella Outbreak in Spring Branch County – Possibly from an Event at Lost Mission?

Food Poisoning News

According to one victim in what is alleged to be an outbreak of 60+ patrons, a food poisoning outbreak (she contracted salmonella) is currently being investigated by the Bexar/Comal County Health Departments in Texas. According to one source, multiple food items were served, including Whataburger and cake, among other things.   The victim who has come forward, Sarah Castillo, however, ate chicken piccata, a Caesar salad, angel hair pasta, and green beans. According to Ms. Castillo, she began experiencing symptoms of salmonella shortly after attending a wedding at a local, and very popular, venue called Lost Mission.  Lost Mission is located in Spring Branch Texas.

The beautiful wedding, unfortunately, turned into a dismal affair for Ms. Castillo after she became ill with the symptoms and side-effects of salmonellosis. She was compelled to seek medical treatment from the Texas MedClinic Urgent Care, and then when her condition deteriorated, University Hospital in San Antonio.

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