Germany – Salame cacciatore italiano DOP, about 150 g – Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes



Alert type:


Date of first publication:


Product name:

Salame cacciatore italiano DOP, about 150 g

customer information

Manufacturer (distributor):

Producer: Villani SpA, Via E. Zanasi 24, IT-41051 Castelnuovo Rangone Distributor: Di Gennaro Feinkost- und Weinhandelsgesellschaft mbH

Reason for warning:

The affected product with the batch mentioned should no longer be consumed, as it could be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria bacteria.

Packaging Unit:



BBD: 07/15/2022

Production date:


Lot identification:

Batch: 240222

Additional Information:

Reference is made to the company’s attached customer information.

Click to access Pressemitteilung+Fa.+Di+Gennaro.pdf

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