Australia – Nutricia comments on Australian Cronobacter test result

Food Safety News

The Nutricia company has spoken out after Cronobacter was found during Australian testing of infant formula made in Europe.

A batch of KetoCal 3:1 was positive for Cronobacter spp. after being sampled at the border by Australian customs officials as part of random routine testing. There have been no known related illnesses. Nutricia said the batch was negative before leaving the production plant and additional testing also did not find Cronobacter.

The implicated formula is a specialized medical nutrition product intended for the dietary management of drug resistant epilepsy, or where a ketogenic diet is indicated by a healthcare professional. It is manufactured in Europe and not sold to the general public but is available by prescription.

Affected tins are batch number 101101598 with best before July 8, 2023.

In a letter to healthcare professionals in Australia dated April 29, Nutricia, which is owned by Danone, said there were 600 tins of the affected batch available in Australia and the next shipment of 800 tins from this batch was scheduled to arrive around May 23. A new batch from Europe has been ordered with an expected arrival of May 7.

A Nutricia spokesperson told Food Safety News it was committed to providing customers with the highest quality products.

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