USA – Over 7,300 Lucky Charms Cereal Illness Complaints On, FDA Investigating


You could say that there have been cereal complaints about Lucky Charms. On May 6, 2022, the website posted the following message: “Starting in late 2021 Lucky Charms food poisoning reports started to trend on Now there are reports of over 7,300 sick.”

Yeah, there probably aren’t too many people saying, “gee, I really hope to trend on” This website allows people to submit reports of feeling ill after eating a food item that was served at or sold by a business. According to the website, “This real time information is shared by consumers, food authorities, restaurants, and industry with one aim – to make eating a safer experience.” Their stated goal is to prevent “food poisoning outbreaks, reduces risks, and creates better outcomes for restaurants, shareholders, and the public.” Therefore, it’s probably not the place to complain about your significant other’s cooking, unless your significant other happens to be a restaurant or a food manufacturing company.

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