USA – Company recalls yeast because of potential Salmonella contamination

Food Safety News

Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients Inc. is recalling a yeast extract because of potential contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration reported today that the Dublin, OH, company has recalled 15-kilogram — 33-pound —  bags of “Yeast Extract Ajirex” packed in boxes because of potential contamination with Salmonella.

There is concern that the product may be in the stream of commerce or in homes or businesses because of the long shelf life, which extends into August this year.

The company reports that the recalled yeast was distributed in Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas.

One customer, GFS, has reported using the yeast in products, but the FDA notice did not report what products.

The recalled yeast can be identified by the following label information: Batch/Lot: AR21B13401 Product Number: 6225796 205 01M Expiration Date: Aug 2, 2022.

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