Iceland – Salmonella in chicken


Matvælastofnun warns against consuming one batch of chicken from Reykjagarður due to suspicion of salmonella infection. The company has recalled the production batch.

The recall only applies to the following batch:

  • Product names: Holta, Kjörfugl and Króna chicken
  • Traceability number: 001-22-01-6-16. (Complete bird and chest)
  • Packing dates: 15.02.22 and 16.02.22
  • Distribution: Hagkaup stores, Krónan, KR, Nettó, and Kjörbúðin, Olís Varmahlíð

Consumers who have purchased chickens with this traceability number are asked to return
the product to the relevant store, or directly to Reykjagarður hf., Fossháls 1,
110 Reykjavík

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