France- Box of 6 organic eggs & loose eggs code 0FREOU01 – Salmonella

Gov france

Identifying information for the recalled product

  • Product category Food
  • Product sub-category Eggs and egg products
  • Product brand name Coteaux de la Saâne
  • Names of models or references Egg code: 0FREOU01
  • Product identification
    Lot Dated
    Box 6 eggs & bulk Recommended consumption date 10/30/2021
    Box 6 eggs & bulk Recommended consumption date 11/01/2021
  • Products List Product_list.pdf Enclosed
  • Packaging Box of 6 bulk eggs
  • Start date / End of marketing From 05/10/2021 to 07/10/2021
  • Storage temperature Product to be stored in the refrigerator
  • Geographical sales area Regions: Île-de-France,, Normandy
  • Distributors Bruel / Café de la Gare / Coccinelle / Auchan Luneray / Rapid Market / EpiService / Café de la Place / Viveco / Lycée Pablo Neruda / Les Saveurs d’Eric / Alexandre Clet / Super U Yerville / E. Leclerc Yvetot / U Express Yvetot / Valley grocery store
  • List of points of sale Reminder_list.pdf

Practical information regarding the recall

  • Reason for recall Positive Salmonella analysis in a livestock building
  • Risks incurred by the consumer Salmonella spp (causative agent of salmonellosis)

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