Sweden – Campylobacter (Sweden, August 2021-)



In recent weeks, the number of people who have contracted campylobacter infection has been higher than in previous weeks. The increase has been seen throughout the country and in all age groups. The period has been preceded by an increased proportion of broiler flocks carried on campylobacter (Swedish Veterinary Institute (SVA). Previous studies have shown that cases of disease are often linked to raw chicken meat, which makes it likely that increased prevalence of campylobacter in chicken flocks is the cause. In the next few weeks, the Swedish Public Health Agency will collect samples from the disease cases for analysis and typing as part of the microbiological monitoring program in order to identify the presence of common sources of infection.

Figure. The number of reported cases of campylobacter infection per week during 2021 to week 33 (until 2021-08-23, week 33 is incomplete) and for the years 2018-2020, for cases infected in Sweden and cases with unknown country of infection.

The graph shows the number of reported cases per week in 2021 that are stacked.  During weeks 29-33, the number of cases has been higher than before with 150-200 cases, earlier this year the number of cases was below 50 to up to 100 cases a week.  The pattern follows previous years, 2018-2020 with more cases during the late summer, these years are shown as lines in the graph.

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