Global Salmonella outbreak linked to melons from Honduras

Food Safety News

Almost 350 confirmed and 50 more possible Salmonella infections have been recorded across Europe and in the United Kingdom linked to melons. Some patients live in the United States.

Between mid-March and early July, 348 people fell ill due to Salmonella Braenderup and 68 needed hospital treatment but none have died. Four people were sick in the United States and two in Canada.

In late June, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) looked into three illnesses related genetically by whole genome sequencing, but didn’t find a link to those sick after eating melons in the UK. One ill person travelled outside the U.S. before they were sick but not to Europe and didn’t report eating melons. The other two sick people didn’t have food histories available and didn’t report traveling.

The UK is the most affected country with 102 confirmed infections while Sweden, Belgium and Germany all have 46. Denmark has 37 cases, Netherlands has 34, Switzerland has 18 while Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg and Norway have single figure patient numbers.

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