USA – FSIS Industry Guideline for Minimizing the Risk of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in Beef (including Veal) Processing Operations


Replaces: 2017 Version of the Guideline

This guideline helps establishments producing non-intact and intact cuts intended for raw non-intact beef products to understand the adulterant status of STEC in beef products; design supportable control measures for STEC; develop ongoing verification measures to ensure that STEC control measures are functioning as intended; and respond when the HACCP system fails to prevent or reduce STEC to below detectable levels. This guideline relates to 9 CFR 301.2, 9 CFR 303, 9 CFR 310.25, 9 CFR 314, 9 CFR 317.2, 9 CFR 320.1, 9 CFR 417.1 through 5, and 9 CFR 441.10.

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