Denmark -DTU is helping to investigate outbreaks of disease on Bornholm – Campylobacter


The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, DTU The Danish Food Institute and the Swedish Serum Institute, SSI, have jointly investigated an ongoing disease outbreak on Bornholm since June 2, 2020. Currently, there are reports of up to 100 people with symptoms similar to a campylobacter infection.

So far, 54 people aged 9 months to 97 years have tested positive for campylobacter and several patient samples are being investigated. The sick live on Bornholm or have visited the island recently. SSI is also investigating whether it is the same type of campylobacter that has made patients sick.

The goal of the collaboration is to identify the source of infection. At present, there is no trace of a particular source, but one suspects a locally produced food – presumably a ready-to-eat product.

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The details of the outbreak and the work on finding the source of infection are described in more detail in a news from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration: Several sufferers of campylobacter on Bornholm . The news also provides good advice on how consumers best avoid getting infected with campylobacter.

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