Israel – Pizza Margherita with olives (without gluten) – Listeria monocytogenes

Public announcement:
Natural Cakes factory recalls the product: “Pizza Margherita
with olives (without gluten)”
Upon inspection, as part of self quality assurance of the factory, Natural
Cakes Ltd. From Sdot Negev industrial zone, during which Listeria
monocytogenes bacteria have been identified in the “Pizza Margherita with
olives (without gluten)” product of “Re fresh” brand, manufactured on date
05.05.2020 and to be used until 07.10.2021, barcode:7290014016286
A small amount of the product has been distributed to marketing points, and
appropriate notification has been given. The product is intended to be baked
at the client’s home; nevertheless, the announcement of this notification has
been decided upon as a precaution.
Consumers who possess the product are requested not to use it.
Listeria monocytogenes is a bacteria that may cause disease in the high-risk
population, such as in people with a weakened immune system, elderly
people, and to cause abortions in pregnant women.
In coordination with the Food Service at the Ministry of Health, Natural Cake
factory Ltd. recalls the product from marketing means.
Call the factory for any inquiry 03-9235276

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