Israel – Frozen Corn Kernels – Listeria monocytogenes

Great Line Import and Distribution Ltd. – Co. Reg No. 514773928 (henceforth: Great Line) at this moment announces that following laboratory tests performed by the Food Service in the Ministry of Health, Southern District, Listeria Monocytogenes bacteria were found in the following product: Pestos – Frozen Corn Kernels in vacuum packaging, 700 grams, only with barcode no. 290114250023, production date: 22.8.19, expiration date 21.2.21. Out of the Company’s responsibility to the health and well-being of its consumer public, Great Line has taken immediate actions to recall the above product from shelves. Any consumer in possession of this product (only from this specific date) is urged not to consume this product and to call the Company at 04-6111102 to arrange for returning this product and receiving another one in its place. Great Line is doing all in its power to prevent such faults from occurring and wishes to apologize to its consumer public. Listeria Monocytogenes is a bacterium that may cause illness in high risk populations such as people with immunodepression and the elderly or induce
miscarriage in pregnant women.

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