Research – Extensive literature searches on bromine and Ochratoxin A in feed


Two Extensive Literature Searches (ELSs) by using PubMed, Web of Science (WoS) and SciFinder for relevant studies on Ochratoxin A (OTA) and bromine, bromate and bromide (BRs) in feed were performed. Search queries allowed to obtain a total number of 8,953 and 34,183 references for OTA and BRs, respectively. The relevance analysis of the documents was performed by screening titles and abstracts against inclusion and exclusion criteria. Relevant references accounted in each Area, for OTA and BRs, were respectively: Area 1 (Information on analytical techniques for quantification) 117 and 117 documents, respectively; Area 2 (Information on occurrence/concentrations and formation) 176 and 176 documents, respectively; Area 3 (Information on exposure of farm and companion animals) 31 and 3 documents, respectively; Area 4 (Information on toxicokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) in farm and companion animals) 37 and 8 documents, respectively; Area 5 (Information on toxicity of OTA/BRs in farm and companion animals) 249 and 23 documents, respectively; Area 6 (Information on the transfer of OTA/BRs from feed to animal derived food) 18 and 4 documents. A total number of 618 and 100 relevant non‐redundant documents was found for OTA and BRs, respectively. Those results were obtained after the full text analysis of all the document previously labelled as relevant.

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