Costa Rica: Sanitary alert issued due to Listeria detected in fresh cheeses

Outbreak News Today

The Ministry of Health, through the Directorate for the Regulation of Products of Sanitary Interest, alerts the general population about the presence of the Listeria monocytogenes bacterium in certain batches of fresh cheese from various national brands, as detailed in the link above.

According to the results of microbiological analyzes of the National Reference Center for Microbiological Food Safety of the Costa Rican Institute for Research and Teaching in Nutrition and Health (CRIMA-INCIENSA), the batches of the aforementioned products, of the brands TIQUESO, QUESOS DEL NORTE LAS CUATRO A, LAS DELICIAS DE MI TIERRA and LITE HOUSE presented positive isolates for the Listeria monocytogenes bacterium, therefore they do not comply with the parameter established in the Central American Technical Regulation of Microbiological Criteria for Food Safety RTCA 67.04.50:17 , for Subgroup 1.9.

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