Research – Salmonella enterica Outbreaks Linked to the Consumption of Tahini and Tahini-Based Products


kswfoodworld Salmonella

Salmonella is a leading cause of bacterial foodborne illness in the world. Although typically associated with foods of animal origin, low-moisture foods, such as tahini, are quickly gaining recognition as an important vehicle of Salmonella exposure. This review offers the Canadian perspective on the issue of Salmonella in tahini and tahini-based products. A summary of several recent food product recalls and foodborne outbreaks related to the presence of Salmonella in tahini and tahini-based products such as halva are presented. The properties of the food vehicles, their production practices, and potential routes of contamination are discussed. Particular focus is placed on the ecology of Salmonella in the tahini production continuum, including its survival characteristics and response to intervention technologies. View Full-Text

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