Germany – Fish Cake – Listeria monocytogenes


Alert type: Food
Date of first publication: 11/16/2022
Product name:

Fischfrikadelle, offered in the fresh food counter Offers in the market from 01.08.2022 up to and including 15.11.2022

Manufacturer (distributor):

Distributor: Jeka Fish A/S, Denmark Sales through several retail chains throughout Germany.

Reason for warning:

The reason for the precautionary recall is a contamination with listeria found at the production site during an inspection.

Durability: 01/12/2024 to 04/10/2024
Further information:

Reference is made to the company’s attached customer information.

Click to access MSC+Fisch+Frikadelle_00898051_1511_%F6RR_Kundeninformation_NEU.pdf

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