Finland – Possible risk of listeria in fish-meat steaks


Sødergården pre-fried fish steak from cod.

Listeria has been detected in a Danish fish production plant, which is why the manufacturer has decided to withdraw all the products currently on sale from sale. Listeria bacteria can be particularly harmful to the elderly, people with weakened immune systems and pregnant women.

According to the information received by the Food Agency, only one product has been imported into Finland, and Lidl Suomi has now informed about the recall.

Lidl asks consumers to stop using the following product and return the product to the nearest Lidl store, where the price of the product will be refunded:

Product: Sødergården pre-fried fish steak from cod

Package size: 340 g

Last date of use: 15/09/2022, 22/09/2022 or 23/11/2022

More information for customers: Lidl’s customer service ,, 0800 05435

The matter is handled at the Food Agency by Chief Inspector Mika Varjonen, tel. 050 38 68 416, .

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