Norway – Iceberg salad and salad mix- Listeria monocytogenes


KLAR AS is withdrawing Iceberg salad and salad mix from the market following detection of Listeria Monocytogenes

KLAR AS is withdrawing the following salads, with a best before date: 06.10.2022, following the discovery of Listeria Monocytogenes in Iceberg salad: Romano-Mix, Favoritsalat, Hverdagssalat, Iceberg and Saladbar-Mix

Iceberg and salad mixes are distributed to: Coop, German Vervik, Haugaland Storhusholding, Engrosfrukt Vest, Måkestad and Bama. Recipients of the salad have been notified.

Consumers who have Isberg, Romano-Mix, Favoritsalat, Hverdagssalat, Saladbarmix with a best before date of 06.10.22 are asked to throw these away.

Listeria Monocytogenes is a bacterium that is found almost everywhere in soil and sludge and vegetation, in rivers, ponds and in the intestines of many animal species. It can cause a rare but sometimes serious infection in humans.

The following goods are distributed to consumers / retail:

Via Coop:

  • 24 packs of Romano-Mix
  • 160 packs Favorite salad

Via German Vervik:

  • 20 packs Everyday salad
  • 20 pk Favorite salad
  • 20 packs of Romano-Mix

Contact person for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority: Arve Kolbeinsen, Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Phone 970 93 400

Contact person KLAR AS: Trond Skjældal, Tel 922 21 113

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