Austria – WUDY and PAVO brand poultry sausages- Listeria monocytogenes



Vienna/Verona (OTS) – Our WUDY and PAVO brand poultry sausages must be heated through before consumption, which is also stated on the packaging.

Germs (Listeria monocytogenes) were detected in individual packs. These are reliably rendered harmless if they are prepared according to the instructions (“heat through before consumption”).

Our products meet all legal standards. Since we take our responsibility very seriously and take all eventualities into account, the affected batches with the BBD until November 30th, 2022 were withdrawn from sale as a precaution.

Since the safety of consumers is our top priority, we would like to point out once again that our sausages should only be consumed when they are well heated and never without sufficient heating, in order to rule out an unlikely but otherwise possible negative effect on health. It is also important to ensure good kitchen hygiene and not to contaminate other foods.

We very much regret the inconvenience and are working at full speed to clarify the situation.

This information does not indicate that there is a hazard or that it was caused by us.

Customers who have purchased these products with an MHD until November 20th, 2022 can also return them to the place of purchase. You will receive a full replacement even without a receipt.

Consumer hotline: +39 445230153 Queries
& contact:

original recall

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