Czech Republic – BREAD DUMPLING – Mold/Mould


Illustrative photo #1

Illustrative photo #2

Place of inspection:
Doksy – Staré Splavy ( Doksy – Staré Splavy, 471 63 Doksy – Staré Splavy )
ID: 46014713
Food group: Dishes Side dishes

Category: Dangerous foods
Invalid parameter:

fungi visible to the eye

There were visible mold colonies on the surface of the food.

The food had an expired use-by date.

Expiration date: 07/04/2022
Packaging: transparent film with a PAP label
Quantity of the product in the package: 0.8 kg
Date of sample collection: 7/14/2022
Reference number: 22-000363-SZPI-CZ
The sample was detected by the official control of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection.

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