Sweden -Lidl Sweden recalls Blandfärs KRAV, Svea Lantkött Mixed Mince Meat – Salmonella


Lidl Sweden revokes Blandfärs KRAV of the Svea Lantkött brand. After routine analyses, it has been shown that a limited batch of the mixed mince may contain Salmonella.

Salmonella has been detected after a routine analysis. All affected products have been removed from stores and Lidl urges all customers who bought the mixed minced meat to return with the product. The concerned best-before date 2022-08-17 has been sold in all Lidl Sweden stores. Only mixed mince with the above best-before date is affected. Salmonella poses no risk if the food is heated to at least 70 degrees.

The recall only concerns the product:

Item: Mixed
minced meat REQUIREMENTS Package size: 500g
Brand: Svea Lantkött
Best before date: 2022-08-17

Other products of the Svea Lantkött brand are not affected. Lidl Sweden regrets and takes a serious view of what happened, is now investigating together with the supplier how it could have happened, and that something similar does not happen again. Consumers who bought the item are welcome to return it to the place of purchase, or to the nearest Lidl store. Customers will of course get their money back, even without presenting a receipt.

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