Germany – Madras Spicy Curry Powder -Salmonella


Alert type: Food
Date of first publication: 06.07.2022
Product name:

Madras Spicy Curry Powder

Product images:

Manufacturer (distributor): Wholesalers in the Netherlands The product was distributed in Germany through numerous retailers.
Reason for warning:

Detection of Salmonella

Packaging Unit: 100 g
Durability: Best before 06/30/2023
Lot identification: Article number :4519
Further information:

Due to the detection of salmonella during an official inspection in Finland, the public there was informed about the detection of salmonella in the batch. The wholesaler in the Netherlands has now determined the distribution channels for this batch and informed the retailers it supplies about the Salmonella detection. According to the information from the Netherlands, numerous, especially smaller retail shops in almost all federal states were supplied directly from the Netherlands.

The detected Salmonella ( S. bareilly) can trigger an illness.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, salmonella disease manifests itself within a few days after infection with diarrhea, abdominal pain and occasional vomiting and a slight fever. The symptoms usually subside on their own after a few days. Babies, small children, senior citizens and people with a weakened immune system in particular can develop more severe illnesses. Anyone who has eaten this food and develops severe or persistent symptoms should seek medical attention and report possible salmonella infection. It makes no sense to seek preventive medical treatment without symptoms

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