India – Two dozen students fall sick due to food poisoning

Daily Pioneer

In a shocking incident of negligence, about two dozen students of Kaushal Vikash Kendra, Mango fell victim to food poisoning at their hostel on Tuesday. The students fell sick after eating egg curry and ‘puri’ for breakfast this morning.

One of the victims said she fell sick after consuming egg curry and puri this morning. “ Though a section of girls have other versions but I must say all the girls fell sick after almost an hour of consuming breakfast only,” she said.

Significantly, none of the people from the Kaushal Vikash Kendra management was available for comment on the issue.

Another section of the students claimed that they fell sick due to eating food brought online during a birthday party on Monday night. “It was my friend’s birthday on Monday. We celebrated the occasion by throwing a party at the hostel. She had bought cake, fast food from Mango. In the morning, all those who enjoyed the party had started suffering from loose motion and vomiting. Then we were brought to the MGM medical college hospital by the management,” informed a student.

However, one of the five ailing students who were admitted to the medical college hospital’s emergency ward, could not say anything about five other girls from the same centre found undergoing treatment lying in the corridor of the emergency block.

Arun Kumar, superintendent, MGM Medical College Hospital said that in all two dozen girls were brought for the treatment at noon. “The girls were down due to food poisoning. Six of the girls were sent back after first-aid, but the rest of them were admitted for treatment,” said Kumar, adding that the condition of all the girls is stable.

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