Germany – Alburj – Halva Spread 300g & 500g – Salmonella


Alert type: Food
Date of first publication: 06/10/2022
Product name:

Alburj – Halva Spread 300g & 500g

Product images:


customer information

Manufacturer (distributor):

Distributor: Kosebate GmbH Manufacturer: Alburj, Syria

Reason for warning:

Based on official test results with positive salmonella findings. In the enrichment process, Salmonella was detected in 25 g of the sample.

Packaging Unit: 300g and 500g
Production date: Date of manufacture from: 02/01/2021 to: 10/06/2022
Further information:

Reference is made to the company’s attached customer information.

Contact to the competent authorities:



North Rhine-Westphalia:


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