Finland – Suspicion of salmonella in beef strips


Lidl has announced the withdrawal of beef strips. The company is withdrawing from Bergmann bovine minute strip 300g with an expiration date of 21/03/2022 and a batch number of 9068062103322113 32 . Suspicion of salmonella has been detected in self-monitoring samples from this batch.

The product has been on sale in all Lidl stores in Finland from March 15 to March 19. between. The recall does not apply to other product items.

Lidl asks those who have purchased and frozen the product to check the date of the product and return the products in question to the Lidl store. The price of the product will be refunded.

For more information, please contact Lidlin Customer Service, tel. 0800-0-5435 or

The matter is handled by the Finnish Inspector General Paula Hietanen, tel. +358 50 5969 637, .

Picture of the product
(Image: Lidl Finland)

Bergmann beef minute strip pack.

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