New Zealand – Gopals Paneer cheese recalled



Food company Gopals Sweet & Snacks Limited is recalling its Gopala brand paneer cheese due to the possible presence of Listeria.

The pathogen was discovered through testing of product following 2 complaints of sickness.

New Zealand Food Safety deputy director general Vincent Arbuckle said the pathogens’ long incubation period made it difficult to establish a definitive link between the 2 cases and the product.

“However, because of the detection of Listeria in specific batches, we support the recall, and advise anyone who has bought paneer recently to take the precaution of checking the product date mark to see if it is affected.

“Importantly, cooking the paneer thoroughly until it is piping hot all the way through will kill the pathogen. People should not eat affected product raw.

“If you are in any doubt, please throw the product out or return it to the place it was purchased.

“Listeria poisoning (called listeriosis) can be serious in vulnerable people, including the young, the elderly, pregnant women and the immunocompromised.

“Healthy adults are likely to experience only mild infection, causing mild diarrhoea and flu-like symptoms.

Further information on Listeria

If you have consumed affected product and have any concerns about your health contact your health professional.

The affected product is all batches and dates up to and including best before 5 May 2022 of Gopala brand paneer cheese sold in packets of various weights between 300g and 1kg.

It is sold at Foodstuffs, Countdown and specific grocery stores throughout New Zealand.

This information is on our website’s recall page where we will post any updates about this recall as they come to hand.

Food recall: Gopala brand Paneer

As part of the recall process, New Zealand Food Safely will be working closely with Gopals Sweet & Snacks Limited to establish how the issue arose and what actions might be required to prevent it recurring.

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