New Zealand – Gopala brand Paneer – Listeria monocytogenes


10 March 2022: Gopals Sweets & Snacks Ltd is recalling all batches and all dates up to and including best before 05.05.22 of its Gopala brand Paneer due to the possible presence of Listeria.

Product identification
Product type Cheese
Name of product (size) Gopala brand Paneer (various weights between 300g and 1kg)
Date marking All dates up to and including best before 05.05.22
Package size and description The product is sold in various weights between 300g and 1kg in a plastic package.
Distribution The product was sold in supermarkets and ethnic grocery stores throughout New Zealand.

The product has not been exported.

Notes This recall does not affect any other Gopala brand products.

Consumer advice

Customers are asked to check the date mark printed on the back of the product packaging.

Affected product should be cooked thoroughly (piping hot all the way through). The affected product should not be consumed raw. If you are in any doubt please throw the product out or return it to the place it was purchased.

There have been two reports of illness which may have been associated with this product, however a definitive link between the two cases and the product has not been confirmed. If you have consumed any of this product and have any concerns about your health, seek medical advice.

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