Germany – Gourmet goose breast smoked 60g and 200g cut Gourmet goose breast smoked half and whole pieces – Salmonella


Goose Breast 60g.JPG

Goose Breast 200g.JPG

Goose Breast Half Pieces.JPG

Goose Breast Whole Pieces.JPG

Manufacturer (distributor):

Klaas + Pitsch meat & sausage products GmbH

Reason for warning: Salmonella

Reference is made to the food warning published on December 23, 2021 at 3:10 p.m. As a precaution, all batches made from the same raw material are now being recalled.

Packaging Unit:

60g, 200g, half and whole pieces


23.12.21, 24.12.21, 27.12.21, 28.12.21, 30.12.21, 04.01.22, 07.01.22, 10.01.22, 11.01.22, 14.01.22, 18.01.22

Lot marking:

L428 (12/28/21), L429 (01/04/22), L520 (01/11/22, 01/18/22), L448 (12/30/21), L459 (01/07/22, 01/14/22), L510 (01/10/22), L447 (12/23/21, 12/30/21), L457 (12/24/21), L417 (12/27/21)

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