Sweden – Salmonella Outbreak (Sweden, August 2021-)



As of August 28, 31 people have been confirmed infected with Salmonella Coeln. Whole genome sequencing (analysis of the bacterium’s genome) has shown that the disease cases carry the same strain of Salmonella Coeln and are thus suspected of having been infected by a common source of infection. The cases, which are aged 0-85 years (median = 28 years), are resident in twelve different regions in Sweden and 18 (58 percent) of the patients are men. Affected infection control units, municipalities and County Administrative Boards, together with the National Food Administration and the Swedish Public Health Agency, are investigating the outbreak to identify the source of infection that is suspected to be a food with a wide distribution in Sweden.

Figure. Disease curve for outbreak cases with Salmonella Coeln (n = 31), 2021-09-24. For cases marked in purple, information on the date of illness is missing and instead the sampling date has been specified.

The bar graph shows that 0-6 people fell ill or were sampled per day between 28 August and 14 September

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