Austria – California vegan – Listeria monocytogenes


Public notice “California Vegan”

“California Vegan” with the production date 29.06.21 and the use-by date 02.07.2021 is not suitable for consumption due to contamination with listeria!

In the product “California Vegan” from the manufacturer “Eat Happy To Go Österreich GmbH”, “Listeria monocytogenes” was found in an analysis. Affected is the product “California Vegan” with the manufacturing date 06/29/2021 and the use date 07/02/2021. The product is not suitable for consumption. The product is no longer available on the shelves.

“Eat Happy To Go Österreich GmbH” fulfills its personal responsibility in accordance with the food law provisions and informs customers as a precaution.

Inquiry note :
Eat Happy To Go Österreich GmbH
Hotline: +43 1 226 00 55
E-Mail: info @

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