USA – Salmonella outbreak linked to Woodbury juice bar

Star Tribune

kswfoodworld salmonella

The Minnesota Department of Health is investigating a salmonella outbreak associated with Nékter Juice Bar in Woodbury.

Nine Minnesotans ranging in age from 20 to 82 have been sickened with the salmonella paratyphi B infection, the Health Department said. They became ill between Aug. 27 and Sept. 21.

All of those infected live in or visited east metro counties. Two people have been hospitalized and are recovering.

Symptoms of salmonella infection include diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever and usually begin 12 to 96 hours after exposure, but they can begin up to two weeks after exposure.

Health officials say anyone experiencing severe symptoms of salmonellosis after consuming menu items from Nékter should talk to their health care provider.

The state and Washington County public health departments are working to identify a specific food source of the outbreak, the Health Department said.

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