Iceland – Mould in the cake – Drömmekage


Matvælastofnun draws consumers’ attention to the recall of Drömmekage from Denmark by the company Ásbjörn Ólafsson ehf. imports. The recall is due to the possibility of mold in the cakes before the last day of sale. The company has recalled the cookies, in consultation with the Reykjavík Health Inspectorate.

The recall only applies to the following four batches:

  • Brand: Dan cake
  • Product name: Dream cake with delicious coconut topping
  • Net amount: 350 g
  • Best for dates: 28/8, 2/9, 22/9, 28/9 (2020)
  • Bar code: 5709152018462
  • Manufacturer: Dan Cake A / S, Hjortsvangen 15, 7323 Give, Denmark
  • Importer: Asbjörn Ólafsson ehf, Köllunarklettsvegur 6, 104 Reykjavík
  • Distribution: Stores all over the country

Recall of cake due to the risk of mold

Consumers who own the product in question are asked not to consume it and discard it. Further information on the recall is provided by Ásbjörn Ólafsson ehf. at 820 1146.


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