USA – New recall of frozen shredded coconut issued more than 2 years after FDA warning

Food Safety News

A new recall of frozen shredded coconut is connected to the Food and Drug Administration’s 2018 warning about multiple salmonella infections linked to the product.

The Evershing International Trading Company on April 15 recalled Coconut Tree brand “Frozen Shredded Coconut” in 16-ounce packages because it is potentially contaminated with Salmonella

The new recall comes with a history that goes back to a Feb. 15, 2018, public health warning, in which FDA advised consumers not to eat any recalled Coconut Tree Brand Frozen Shredded Coconut. The recalled frozen shredded coconut at that time was linked to 27 salmonellosis illnesses nine states.

Those illnesses occurred from Jan. 9, 2017, to Nov. 4, 2017. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health tested multiple coconut samples, finding positives for Salmonella.

Evershing International Trading Company first recalled the product on Jan. 3, 2018.

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