Namibia -Fisheries Warns Against Poisonous Oyster, Mussel -DSP

All Africa

THE FISHERIES ministry has cautioned the general public not to consume oysters and mussels originating from the Walvis Bay Aquaculture Production Area 1.

This caution comes after recent biotoxins tests done on oyster and mussel samples on aquaculture in the said area found the presence of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) at a level higher than the permissible level in these samples.

The sampling and testing were facilitated by the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) as part of the National Shellfish Sanitation Programme.

A media release issued by the ministry yesterday warned that it is therefore unsafe to consume oysters and mussels until further notice.

Members of the public should take note that marine biotoxins are not destroyed by cooking or freezing.

Earlier this year in May, the ministry had issued another caution against the consumption of the same seafood. In 2016, the ministry noted in a separate incident that the poisoning was only temporary and that the oysters and mussels could be consumed when laboratory results indicate a lower level of the harmful substances.

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