Philippines – Dozens downed by food poisoning in Sulu

Manilla Times

ZAMBOANGA CITY: Dozens of villagers in the southern province of Sulu were rushed to hospital on suspicion of food poisoning after they consumed snacks given by soldiers, radio reports said.

Radio Pilipinas Jolo said at least 63 people, including 47 children, complained of dizziness and stomach ache after eating “ginataan” handed out by soldiers on Friday in the village of Tagbak in Indanan town.

The radio station also quoted Dr. Alhazer Siraji Ismael, of the Sulu Sanitarium Hospital, that most of the patients suffered from severe dehydration.

Ismael said six of the patients had to be monitored but the others were in stable condition.

Among those in the hospital were Girls Scout Executive Helen Hajan, and her daughter. The military did not issue any statement on the incident.

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