Switzerland – Swiss checks find microbially contaminated fruit salads

Food Safety News

Listeria and coagulase-positive Staphylococci have been found during inspections of fruit salads in Switzerland, according to the Swiss Association of Cantonal Chemists (ACCS).

Cantonal chemists analyzed the microbiological quality of fruit salads by taking 205 samples.

During the control, organized from May to September 2022, the samples of fruit salads were taken throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein to check the microbial quality and for the presence of bacteria that could pose a health risk.

Food control is done by cantons, which carry out inspections and laboratory analyses with the help of cantonal chemists. Switzerland is made up of 26 regions called cantons.

Fruit salads can represent a health risk, particularly if storage temperatures and times are not adequate and products are intended for vulnerable people in retirement homes, nursing homes, or hospitals.

Targeted sampling looked at types of fruit more likely to be contaminated by bacteria such as low-acid fruits like melon or watermelon and followed criteria set in food legislation.

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